AT&T Grants Denies Us Mobile VoIP Freedom

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AT&T Grants Denies Us Mobile VoIP Freedom

The big news last week was how AT&T grants denies us mobile VoIP freedom. Just last week I wrote how AT&T had "granted" us mobile VoIP freedom by finally allowing SIP port 5060 on their 3G data network. I was able to use siphon, a SIP-based application on my jailbroken iPhone to register with TMC's IP-PBX and make/receive phone calls.

Well apparently, AT&T must read my blog or something, because once again SIP port 5060 is blocked. I tried siphon on my iPhone this morning and now it won't register. I tested port 5060 and it is indeed blocked. Alas, so no more SIP calls using siphon. The AT&T Overlord giveth, and the AT&T Overlord taketh away.

Hey FCC, can you give AT&T a little smackdown for me please? Just last week AT&T announced it was allowing VoIP over 3G, so why the inconsistency? Is it because siphon is a jailbroken app and not an "official" iTunes app?  I doubt it. I doubt AT&T is able to detect what iPhone application is making an outbound connection. That would be a form of spyware if AT&T knew exactly which iPhone applications you were using. So seems to me that AT&T is still blocking VoIP calling over their 3G data connection. AT&T is talking a big game about being "open", but they aren't backing it up. I'm sure they'll blame it on some network glitch or something. AT&T could be dragging their feet on allowing VoIP over their 3G network hoping the mere "huge" announcement of support for VoIP over 3G will get the FCC off their backs. It's time for the FCC to stop AT&T's stalling tactics. I want my mobile VoIP freedom and I want it now!

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