AudioCodes and Vail Systems SIP-enable Microsoft Speech Server 2004

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AudioCodes and Vail Systems SIP-enable Microsoft Speech Server 2004

Some interesting news...AudioCodes and Vail Systems have partnered with Microsoft to SIP enable Microsoft Speech Server 2004

Here's the release:

AudioCodes and Vail Systems offer SIP-enabled product bundles to enable Microsoft Speech Server 2004 deployments.

February 21, 2005 AudioCodes (NASDAQ: AUDC), a leading provider of Voice over Packet (VoP) technologies and Voice Network products, and Vail Systems a leading provider of SIP-based IP telephony platform technology, speech application solutions and hosting services today announced availability of a set of SIP-based product bundles to enable development and deployments for Microsoft Speech Server 2004. The new product bundles consist of the newly certified version of the Vail SIP Telephony Interface Manager (TIM) for Microsoft Speech Server 2004 and either an AudioCodes TP260/SIP or an AudioCodes Mediant 2000 Voice over IP Media Gateway. These bundles offer Microsoft Speech Server developers and integrators a combination of software and hardware products that are ready-to-deploy, leveraging SIP to enable high performance, distributed and scalable speech applications.

"We're pleased to see two premier vendors partner in enabling SIP-based speech applications", said James Mastan, director of marketing for Microsoft's Speech Server product group. "The availability of the SIP bundle today will protect customer investments in traditional TDM telephony systems while providing an evolution path to future Microsoft SIP based products."

"The bundle of the Vail SIP TIM and AudioCodes SIP media gateways enables developers to immediately leverage SIP in creating powerful distributed speech applications based on Microsoft Speech 2004", said Lior Aldema, VP of Marketing for AudioCodes. "As the speech marketplace continues to mature and further adopt SIP, AudioCodes hopes to enable the evolution with a wide range of gateway and transcoding enabling technologies."
AudioCodes' TP-260/SIP offers value added resellers and integration partners a PCI-based digital media gateway board for enhanced voice services and enterprise applications. Offered in densities of 1, 2, 4 and 8 E1/T1s on a single PCI slot, the TP-260/SIP is an excellent building block for space-saving single-server enterprise solutions. The TP-260/SIP supports a range of central office and PBX TDM protocols including ISDN, CAS and E1R2 signaling. Leveraging an on-board SIP stack, the TP-260/SIP eliminates the need for PCI drivers and associated operating system compatibility issues.

AudioCodes' Mediant 2000 is a stand-alone digital media gateway in a 19 inch-wide 1U package. Offered in densities of 2, 4, 8 and 16 E1/T1s, the Mediant 2000 is ideal for distributed systems that require a separate media gateway or geographical diversity. Sharing a common software base with the TP260/SIP, the Mediant 2000 also supports SIP and a range of central office and PBX TDM protocols including ISDN, CAS and E1R2 signaling
"Vail is pleased to announce this offering with our long-time partner AudioCodes," said James Whiteley, President and CEO of Vail Systems. "Their industry-leading PSTN/VoIP gateway products provide Microsoft Speech Server and Vail SIP TIM customers even more deployment options at highly competitive price points compared to TDM-only alternatives."

The Vail SIP TIM enables enterprises to connect Microsoft Speech Server 2004 to industry standard SIP-based VoIP telephony equipment including AudioCodes SIP Gateway cards and systems. Meeting Microsoft's high performance standards, the Vail SIP TIM combines excellent service quality with the compelling business value of standards-based IP communications. For additional Vail SIP TIM product information please visit

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