Avaya Reveals Roadmap for Nortel Enterprise Assets at ITEXPO

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Avaya Reveals Roadmap for Nortel Enterprise Assets at ITEXPO

itexpo-logo.jpgRich Tehrani and I are both excited to hear the future roadmap Avaya has in store for Nortel's enterprise assets that Avaya recently acquired. Will Avaya slowly phase out these Nortel enterprise products, continue the product line with the Avaya brand, integrate best-of-breed technologies from Avaya and Nortel and offer new SMB products? The questions are endless. IT managers, CTOs, MIS managers, etc. have been a bit in the dark as to what Avaya planned to do with the assets they acquired from Nortel, which affects present and future purchasing decisions. Well the questions (hopefully) will be answered at TMC's ITEXPO, which is just a few weeks away. I'll be there reporting on all the news and will certainly be attending the Avaya luncheon where they lay out Avaya's future plans.

Check out what Rich Tehrani had to say...

One of the most important enterprise communications acquisitions in recent memory will be highlighted at a keynote luncheon roundtable at ITEXPO, Thursday, January 21st at 12:00 pm EST.

I am very excited to announce a brand new session at the World's Communications Conference:

Avaya Purchases Nortel Enterprise Assets:

Product Roadmap Implications for Users

A can't miss enterprise/SMB/channel panel discussing the important questions regarding how this major acquisition will affect the current communications landscape and implications for users' assets and plans.

Steve Hardy, Director of Products and Solutions Marketing will be at the show representing Avaya. Expect other Avaya execs to be there as well.

Read More of Rich's article here

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It will be interesting to see what Avaya has to say about this, as I'm still not certain they know about all the Nortel assets and products they acquired. I think we all know what the ultimate road path will be, which is getting everything integrated into an Avaya Aura system. But customers that purchased Nortel selected it over Avaya for a reason, and should continue to use it if they so choose. And if they want to continue to get use out of their Nortel investment while adding new features, they can do so with SaaS-based solutions like OnState - http://www.onstate.com/nortel

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