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Gold's Gym goes VoIP

April 5, 2005

There is so much fodder for a joke involving Gold Gym's deployment of VoIP - such as imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent or referencing Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk, but I will decline. Anyway, today Avaya announced that Gold's Gym is using Internet telephony to help the organization's U.S.-based locations eliminate costly outside conferencing services and transform their customer service operations. With new Avaya IP Office Solutions installed at each of its corporate offices, Gold Gym is now able to eliminate outside conferencing costs and to consolidate its formerly fragmented customer care team.

Here's the release:

Avaya IP Telephony Does the Heavy Lifting in Communications for One of the World's Largest Coed Health Clubs

Gold's Gym eliminates conferencing costs and transforms customer service with Avaya IP Office


Merrill Lynch Goes VoIP

February 10, 2005

Merrill Lynch reported that it will install IP PBX and phone gear from Avaya and Cisco with the U.S., Brazil, Australia and Japan headquerters installing an Avaya IP-PBX supporting 10,000 employees and their branch offices using Cisco IP phones with a centralized Cisco IP-PBX that will support 14,000 financial advistors.

When a huge financial firm like Merrill Lynch puts its trust in VoIP and sees it as a secure technology when you consider all the possible liabilities due to the multi-billion dollar transactions they do daily, one has to stand up and take notice...

It is also significant because Merrill dropped Cisco as it's VoIP provider for 7,500+ workers in its New Jersey headquarters and in Japan in mid-2003 due to security concerns. I guess Merrill Lynch got over that mental hurdle or Cisco and Avaya did a great job selling them.

Frontrange, Orb Data, and IBM Tivoli

January 11, 2005

FrontRange Solution's IT Service Management products is attracting new partners both in the U.S. and abroad. Detailed in the news release below, FRS has signed up UK-based Orb Data as a partner reseller. It is significant to note that Orb Data will be integrating FrontRange's ITSM suite with IBM's Tivoli enterprise management products.

Avaya and Verizon

December 7, 2004

Release to share regarding Avaya and Verizon. I actually recently tested and did a review of Avaya's IP Office for the November issue of Internet Telephony Magazine, which Verizon will now be reselling. Avaya IP Office is a very good product for the small office/home office.

here's the release:

Avaya (NYSE: AV) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) have agreed to collaborate in offering to small and medium sized businesses a suite of communications solutions that include systems, applications and services from both companies.

Plantronics CS50-USB headset

October 6, 2004

Plantronics CS50-USB

Plantronics has unveiled the CS50-USB wireless headset at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo today in Los Angeles. The headset will allow users to roam up to 200 feet from their PC. They're marketing it as a VoIP headset working in conjunction with major softphones. It will begin shipping to retailers in North America this December, and will cost about $300 USD.

VoIP Conference Tradeshow Update

October 4, 2004

I'm here at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo which promises to be the best VoIP tradeshow and conference ever! There is lots of hot news coming out at the show and I'll be reporting it live on my blog. Today is just the VoIP conferences (no exhibits), with some really great VoIP conferences going on that I hope to attend. Tomorrow, the main event- the exhibit hall opens with some really cool keynote speakers including AT&T, Avaya, Polycom and Siemens.

Popular Telephony Peerio a Skype Killer?

October 1, 2004

This is a draft of an article I am writing on Popular Telephony's Peerio which will be published in the November issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. With print magazine lead times versus no lead times online, I thought it was imperative to get this important news out to the VoIP industry as quickly as possible. Popular Telephony aims to change the VoIP landscape with their P2P technology, and word has it, Skype is shaking in its boots. Ok, maybe not..

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