Axvoice Offers Unlimited VoIP for $8.25/month

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Axvoice Offers Unlimited VoIP for $8.25/month

axvoice-logo.pngThe race to zero/free calling continues with Axvoice dropping their unlimited calling to the U.S. & Canada to just $8.25/month or $99/year - under the psychological $100 barrier. They also offer a US/Canada 200 minute Calling plan costs for $5.99/month. For the really cheap, they offer Pay As You Go for $4.99 with outgoing calls costing 1.5c per minute and incoming calls are free. Lastly, they offer an Outgoing Only plan (no phone number) which is $0/month and you just pay for outgoing calls at the same 1.5c per minute. Not bad.

Axvoice also offers two International calling plans – Residential International that offers calls to 40+ destinations and Residential International Plus allows calls to 50+ destinations.

Last I checked up on Axvoice they didn't offer voice support - just chat. So know that going in when you choose them. They may skimp on the phone support, but they do have some good advanced features, including call waiting, caller ID, blacklisting, call forwarding, voice mail and online account access. 25 additional features include call filter, Do Not Disturb, Conference calling, distinctive ring, Find me Follow me, call logs, softphone support, etc. You can also purchase a number from another area code, which costs $3.99 per month.

One of the biggest pluses of Axvoice is you can BYOD (Bring Your Own [SIP] Device), unlike Vonage, which still required you to use their hardware. Of course, most broadband VoIP players these days (except Vonage) let you BYOD. What's up with that Vonage? Get with the times!

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