BandTel increases SIP redundancy

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BandTel increases SIP redundancy

BandTel announced this morning it is the first to solve the throughput and redundancy problems on high capacity SIP-based networks with its new N-Plus architecture. The solution lifts the burden placed upon servers by creating a clustered architecture that eliminates the need for numerous IP addresses on numerous SIP proxies and eliminates any single point of failure.  Of course, TMC has a N+1 RAID-5 Exchange Server, but that didn't stop 2 simultaneous hard drive crashes last week that broke the RAID array bringing down the Exchange Server. RAID-5 redundancy my %@$^&*! On a usually reliable Dell server no less... Probably a SCSI controller failure.

In any event, BandTel's N-Plus network is based on several pairs of DNS servers that direct the SIP calls to SIP Signaling Transfer Points (STPs), which in turn direct those SIP call on one of "N" SIP proxy's in the BandTel SIP proxy matrix. You can check out the full BandTel news here...

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