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| VoIP & Gadgets blog - Latest news in VoIP & gadgets, wireless, mobile phones, reviews, & opinions invests in FreePBX has just made an investment in FreePBX, the popular front-end interface to Asterisk-based distros. I discussed this news with Philippe Lindheimer just a couple hours ago. One of the questions I asked was if would get "preferred treatment" within the FreePBX interface, since offers SIP trunking. Obviously, if FreePBX gives a prominent position in the GUI or they make it "easier" to configure FreePBX (i.e. plug-n-play) that could be a huge boon to Philippe said that that isn't part of the investment announcement being made today, however, that is something they are looking at.

As for the purpose of the investment, Philippe said it was mostly due to's desire to grow the market and help build the FreePBX community. The idea is that the more IP-PBXs out there, the more SIP trunks, and hence more revenue for I have some further thoughts on this, but I'm pretty busy today and wanted to share the news.

Philippe Lindheimer said, "Part of assuring the success of FreePBX is to make sure that we continue to have strong leadership, community participation and a thriving eco-system of users and partners. I would like to announce a new partnership that will help the project tremendously. I have joined forces with as their Open Source Community Director, where we will be devoting significant resources and effort to expand the scope of FreePBX while protecting its charter to make sure it remains open and strong."

One significant piece of news is that helped protect the FreePBX's project several months ago when the FreePBX trademark (which nor Phillipe never owned) was "being shopped around to parties that did not have this project's best interest in mind" according to Phillipe. Thus, preemptively purchased the trademark with Phillipe's blessing in order to assure FreePBX was not jeopardized.

You can read Phillipe's blog post about this here which has more details.

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