Bria VoIP Softphone now available on iTunes

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Bria VoIP Softphone now available on iTunes

CounterPath's Bria 3, a VoIP softphone app is now available for purchase on iTunes. Bria 3 is a softphone that enables you make voice and video calls from your Mac or PC. The ability to make this software purchase directly from iTunes is for Macs only, even though CounterPath offers a PC-version of Bria. PC users will have to purchase directly from CounterPath.

Obviously, CounterPath would prefer to sell direct to users so Apple (via iTunes) doesn't take a 'cut' of the revenue, but they must figure it's worth the extra exposure to be on iTunes and allow for instant purchase. The price for Bria 3 is $49.99. CounterPath also offers iPad ($14.99) and iPhone ($7.99) versions of Bria for purchase on iTunes.

Features for Bria 3 include:
Voice and Video Calling Features
• High-definition voice and video calls
• Standard call features such as call hold, 3-way calling, call display and call ignore/reject and more
• Pop-up notification for incoming calls
• Video calling with detachable video window
• Hide your ID for calls
• Call recording

Instant Messaging (IM) Features
• Send and receive Instant Messages in real-time
• Send IMs to individual contacts or groups
• Use IM tabs for multiple IM conversations in one window
• See IM alerts for incoming IMs
• Invite and chat with multiple people in one IM (Group Chat via XMPP)
• Save, view and search previous Instant Messages in an IM archive
• Click to see recent IMs

Presence Features
• Set your presence status so your contacts know the best time to get ahold of you
• See when your contacts are away or available for calls
• Receive or block notification alerts when your contacts change their status
• Establish unique privacy rules for each contact
• Select a contact or group of contacts and be notified when their phone and presence status changes

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