CallVantage Outage yesterday

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CallVantage Outage yesterday

AT&T CallVantage
experienced an outage yesterday that affected their website, their CallVantage service (no VoIP phone service), and their call center. That had to be a first - you try and dial the phone company - AT&T - and you can't get through!

According to AT&T's Gary Morgenstern, AT&T Media Relations, the outage lasted under two hours. Some of my sources circulated a rumor was that it was related to a router issue, however Gary Morgenstern responded, "the duration of yesterday's outage was under 2 hours and not related to routing. A data center that houses some AT&T CallVantage Service platforms and other services experienced a power outage that impacted service to customers."

I also heard a rumor that the power outage brought down two OC48s, but I wasn't able to confirm this. One of my sources stated the service was down from ~1pm - 5pm, a 4 hour outage, which is double what AT&T has claimed. Well at least Vonage now has company since it too has experienced highly publicized outages!

Update (5:57pm):
AT&T informed me that their records indicate the outage began at 3:55 p.m. ET and was cleared by 5:45 p.m. ET for a total time of 1 hour and 50 minutes. Since I only have 1 source reporting 4 hours, it's possible the outage was indeed under two hours. I always like to present both sides of the story to be "fair and balanced". Uh oh, that's a FOX News slogan - I may alienate some of my blog readers by even mentioning them.

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