City Network's Integrated DECT (cordless) VoIP Products

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City Network's Integrated DECT (cordless) VoIP Products

Check out this interesting release about this City Network's line of "cordless phones with VoIP capabilities". They offer multiple handsets but it doesn't appear they support multiple VoIP trunk lines - that is you can have 8 handsets, but only one person can use a VoIP trunk at a time.

I've said this a bazillion times before, but it bears repeating - what I'd like to see is a cordless VoIP system that allows you to define multiple SIP registrars (Line 1=Vonage, Line 2=Packet8, Line 3=CallVantage, Line 4=Vonage 2nd account) and then the device would perform least cost routing to choose the cheapest provider to initiate the call. Or if all are unlimited plans, this would at least allow multiple users to dial out simultaneously. In any case, check out the release & the interesting product photos:

City Network Announces New Product Designed to Integrate DECT and VOIP
Technologies and Promotion of New Wireless VOIP Product Series

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/18/2005 -- City
Network, Inc. (AMEX: CSN)
a company that designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of
broadband and wireless Internet access solutions and consumer electronic
products announced today the development of its own newly designed Wireless VOIP
system (

This new product line has integrated DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and VOIP technologies to create a unique product offering which makes City Network one of a few select providers of this type of device world-wide. Extensive in its design, style and functionality, the Company believes this proprietary product provides City Network with a new face in the exciting new VOIP technology market and expands the company's diverse and far-reaching product lines in the dynamic convergent networking environment.

City Network engineers have developed a sophisticated combination of both DECT and VOIP technologies, which incorporates the bridging of advanced cordless telephone handsets with a sleek and powerful VOIP gateway and DECT base modules that connect and stream voice seamlessly and conveniently across the internet. The research and development of this new product series is designed to overcome the shortcomings of programs that exclusively use computers and Wi-Fi telephones and give the user the convenience and comfort of using a cordless handset.

"We see the new Wireless VOIP system with DECT handset and VOIP gateway device as the beginning of a new episode for our Company," exclaimed Chairman Andy Lai, "not only is it a culmination of a great amount of City Network's R&D efforts, but it also represents a proprietary product package in what we believe could become a burgeoning and lucrative new market."

City Network will have three models available for sale to the market: the basic WGP 1000 for home and SOHO use, the more advanced WGP 2200 with PBX functionality and the WGP4100 with expandability for corporate users. Furthermore, City Network has designed the products for multiple simultaneous users, with interactive voice functions and the ability to choose H.323 or SIP protocols designed to make upgrades easy and cost effective.

Here are some interesting images from their website along with the feature-set:

WGP-500TA 1FXS / 1PSTN / 5 cordless

One WGP-500TA with one digital wireless handset; can support up to 5 handsets.
WGP-500TA base with 1 PSTN line, 1 FXS line
Handsets can register to more than one base, and formed worldwide wireless VPN.
System can be expended depends on the requirement.
International phone line can be transferred to intercom call. It is all free for international call
Cost can be saved 40% ~ 85%
Comes with advantage of high voice-quality, no delay, no echo and no noise.
Transmitted distance can be up to 100M

WGP-4100A 1FXS-wireless / 3FXS / 1PSTN / 8 cordless

GAP compliance, compatible with most DECT handsets.
Support up to 8 handsets each with an unique separate ID number.
Supports 5 active channels simultaneously advanced digital RF technology upgrades to high performance transmissive penetration.
Transmitted distance: up to 50-200m indoor / up to 300m outdoor.
Phone line auto searching.
Wide range of applications suitable for residential and office.
Comes with advantages of low power, low cost, high capacity, spectrum efficiency, security and high voice-quality.
No furniture destroyed and no wiring engineering with system installation.

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