Comcast Another Pricey Cable VoIP Offering?

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Comcast Another Pricey Cable VoIP Offering?

Go check out Johanne's Comcast Enters VoIP Market With Pricey Plans article.

Johanne's complaints against high pricing schemes by Comcast have merit. Reminds me of my griping against Cablevision's pricey VoIP plans. Which I wrote about here and here

She writes: "The company plans to charge customers $39.95 per month for unlimited domestic service to current customers of its video products, and a whopping $54.95 monthly for new customers. Most VoIP calling plans available to residential customers today average about $29.95 per month."

It doesn't appear that Comcast is discounting their VoIP plan even if you are an existing data customer and they slam you with $54.95 for new customers - OUCH! At least with Cablevision I determined they were indeed discounting if you went with their Triply Play package.

Perhaps Comcast is discounting if you purchase multiple services, but I trust Johanne did her research on this one and Comcast is not discounting.

This is a perfect lead in to a Triple Play article that I am writing as a cover story for Internet Telephony Magazine. I'll give a sneek peek at the article in the next day or so in my blog.

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