CounterPath Adds Multiple SIP Account Support to iPhone App

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CounterPath Adds Multiple SIP Account Support to iPhone App

counterpath-bria-iphone.jpgBack in June, I mentioned that CounterPath told me they were working on a multiple SIP account version of their iPhone/iPad/iTouch application. That day has arrived!

CounterPath today announced the availability of Bria iPhone Edition Version 1.1 for Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Compatible with Apple's new iOS 4 operating system, Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 is a highly secure, standards-based VoIP softphone that works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.
Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 leverages iOS 4 to deliver multitasking VoIP on the iPhone. This allows iPhone users to use other applications while on a call. When Apple releases iOS 4 for the iPad, Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 will immediately and automatically extend its multitasking features to that device.
Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 also features support for up to eight accounts. Bria users now simply log in once to stay connected to all of their SIP accounts throughout their day. Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 also lets users create a separate dialing plan for each account to ensure that each call is placed correctly.

Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 also fully supports older devices running iPhone 3.0 and is ideal for the growing number of SMEs, large enterprises and governments that are deploying iPhones, the iPod touch and iPads for mobile workers, many of whom require full access to their communications services while away from their desk or office. Bria iPhone Edition leverages the iPhone's native address book and its embedded Bluetooth technology to provide a seamless calling experience while on the move.

"Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 takes Mobile VoIP to the next level by enabling iPhone users to take one or more of their VoIP accounts mobile." said Todd Carothers, VP Product Management CounterPath. "Now with full multitasking and multi-account support, Bria liberates iOS 4 users by truly un-tethering them from the desktop. Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 is the latest example of CounterPath's commitment to the burgeoning Mobile VoIP market."

Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 integrates seamlessly with other CounterPath desktop and convergence solutions, as well as with enterprise and carrier infrastructure equipment from major vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, BroadSoft, Metaswitch, Avaya, Cisco and NEC. Bria iPhone Edition also supports Asterisk-based telephony systems.

Bria iPhone Edition 1.1's other key features include:
•    Full SIP compliance, enabling use with any SIP-compliant server and hundreds of ITSPs that currently offer CounterPath-based services.
•    Bria iPhone Edition appears as another endpoint to service providers or PBX equipment, enabling fast, cost-effective deployments.
•    Call quality that's superior to circuit-switched wireline and wireless voice, and based on the G.711, G.729 and GSM codecs.
•    An intuitive user interface that provides one-touch access to voicemail, call history, speakerphone and other frequently used telephony features such as 4-digit dialing.
•    Support for DTMF, which lets users enter numbers to access an auto attendant.
•    Bluetooth support, enabling hands-free calling for convenience, as well as safety while driving (iPhone and iPod touch only).
•    Multi-call management options, including the ability to switch between, merge and split calls, all in ways that are already familiar to iPhone users so they can start using these features immediately.
•    Signaling and call encryption via TLS and SRTP, enabling enterprise-class security.
•    Optional customized branding available for enterprises and telephony providers.
Bria iPhone Edition is the latest CounterPath solution for mobile platforms and its first standalone mobile SIP application. Earlier this year, CounterPath launched Linux, Mac and Windows versions of Bria, all of which received strong approval and endorsement from Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) and telecom infrastructure vendors. In addition to the Bria-branded version, CounterPath will also be developing customized white-label versions of Bria iPhone Edition for carriers, OEMs and enterprise customers worldwide through its professional services team.
Current Bria iPhone Edition users will be automatically updated to Version 1.1 when the update is available. Bria iPhone Edition 1.1 is sold exclusively through the following link on the iTunes Store ( for $7.99. Customers have the ability to upgrade the client to include G.729 support

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Am using the Bria and able to use it to call inside kuwait and using num. 9 before and it works fine,,

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