CounterPath Announces Linux Softphone

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CounterPath Announces Linux Softphone

counterpath-bria-windows.jpgToday, CounterPath has announced its Bria for Linux softphone client. Bria for Linux will support multiple VoIP accounts, LDAP, a wide variety of codecs and more. The new Bria 3.0 for Linux will debut next month, however CounterPath said it has already ben deployed by two Fortune 500 companies. CounterPath is well-known for it's industry-leading SIP clients, both free (X-Lite) and paid (Bria), so perhaps the biggest advantage of this announcement is that enterprises can have a single SIP application that enables VoIP across embedded products, Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. No need for one SIP client on one OS and another SIP client for another, which reduces TCO for the enterprise.

The new retail version of the Bria for Linux softphone client, Bria 3.0, can leverage the CounterPath SDK and media engine. This makes it easier to integrate with enterprise applications. Bria for Linux is also available for embedded products ranging from voice terminals and mobile handsets all the way to set-top boxes in addition to the desktop and laptop softphone versions.

Bria for Linux features include support for:

• Multiple VoIP accounts
• Ubuntu 9.10 & 10.04, the world's most widely used Linux distribution
• A wide variety of codecs, including G.711 u/aLaw, iLBC, Speex, Speex WB, GSM, DV14, DV14 WB and L16 PCM WB
• Echo cancellation, reduced background noise, automatic gain control (AGC) and other mechanisms that enable clear, lifelike audio
• DTMF via RFC 2833 and in-band/out-of-band DTMF
• Speakerphone
• Provisioning server

"The addition of Linux highlights CounterPath's commitment to ensuring that our softphones are robust, scalable and feature-rich, working across any platform, including both desktop or embedded," said Todd Carothers, vice president of product management, CounterPath. "The market for VoIP applications is a growing market segment for CounterPath as we steadily expand our hardware and software offerings as the new Bria for Linux demonstrates."

Bria for Linux will be available worldwide in late July for a suggested retail price of US$49.95.


I should mention that last week I covered Blink, a relatively new comer which supports Mac and Linux. A Windows version is supposedly coming.

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Interesting that they do not support G.729 - I guess the cost to port the codec was too high.

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