D2 Technologies Improves its vPort VoIP Software for Development of Next Generation WiMAX, Femtocell and Mobile Handsets/Devices

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D2 Technologies Improves its vPort VoIP Software for Development of Next Generation WiMAX, Femtocell and Mobile Handsets/Devices

Some interesting news from D2 Technologies worth sharing. It's worth mentioning that D2 offers the mCUE mobile convergence software solution, which combines a communications user interface with the company's vPort MP VoIP software platform targeting OEMs and service providers to help deliver integrated Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Unified Communications (UC) functionality.

Their news today involves WiMAX, femtocells, and fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Many predict (myself included) that 2009 will be the year of WiMAX, FMC, and femtocells. Though I think femtocells won't really getting going until late 2009.

At CES D2 Technologies is announcing a significant upgrade to its flagship embedded VoIP software, vPort, supporting processors from market leaders such as Cavium, Freescale, LSI, Ralink, AMCC, Ikanos and TI for OEMs developing the latest in dual mode and IP phones, CPE communications products and other mobile devices.

Here's the news...

D2's vPort optimizes support for video calls, high definition audio, Windows® CE/Mobile applications and remote security management.

D2 Technologies, the market leader in embedded IP communications software platforms, today announced the next generation of its flagship vPort product line, enabling OEMs and service providers to cost-effectively and quickly deliver to market the most advanced mobile and CPE communications products. vPort 2.0 now provides optimized support for the development of femtocells, mobile internet devices (MIDs) and mobile handset products. It also offers significant technology upgrades that support WiMAX, the Windows® CE and Windows® Mobile platforms, IMS, video calls, remote management of end-user devices via TR-069 (an application layer protocol) and the Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP), and high definition audio through additional wideband CODECs.

vPort 2.0 merges the best of existing and emerging technologies to deliver a wealth of communications services in any mode (voice, video, IM chat, email, SMS, etc.) over any network (WiMAX, WiFi, cellular, IMS, broadband, PSTN), giving service providers, enterprise users and general consumers the widest choice of connectivity platforms.

A leader in embedded VoIP performance, efficiency and platform support, vPort enables networking, signaling and voice processing functions to execute as an integrated solution on a single processor. Through this upgrade, vPort now offers the broadest application support and most advanced features of any embedded VoIP software on the market, and allows manufacturers to quickly meet consumer demands for communications products such as IP and dual mode mobile phones, triple- and quadruple-play devices, advanced VoIP adapters/gateways and other mobile devices.

Key vPort 2.0 product features include:
• Broadest range of IC and core processor support for market leaders such as Cavium Networks, Freescale Semiconductor, LSI Corporation, Ralink Technology, AMCC, Ikanos Communications and Texas Instruments
• New CODECs including GSM-AMR support for femtocells
• Increased embedded OS support for WinCE/WinMobile, VxWorks, Linux, Android
- OS Abstraction Layer allows quick porting onto new and proprietary OSs
• Unified and IP communications at its core:
- VoIM and multi-protocol support (SIP, GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ)
- Presence based functionality
- Video call/chat capability
• Complete suite of NAT Traversal software including STUN, ICE, and TURN
• Full SRTP support including RFCs 3550, 3711, and 4568
• Remote management integration with TR-069 and TR-104 SW modules
• Industry leading voice quality, CPU (MHz) optimization and service provider interop

"By enhancing vPort, D2 is helping customers quickly respond to the increased market demand for VoIP-enabled devices in new application areas, on new platforms and with advanced features," said Doug Makishima, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at D2 Technologies. "We are now conducting demos with our key partners and OEM customers, and expect commercial availability of vPort 2.0 toward the end of Q1 2009."

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