Dialogic DMG4000 Media Gateways launched

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Dialogic DMG4000 Media Gateways launched

Dialogic DMG 4000 GatewayDialogic today announced the availability of their Dialogic 4000 Media Gateway Series, including the DMG4060 DTI Media Gateway and the DMG4120 DTI Media Gateway. The Dialogic 4000 Media Gateway Series (aka "DMG4000 gateways”) are a set of integrated systems designed to connect Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to existing PBX systems and PSTN networks.

It uses a standard rack-mount server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and is what Dialogic classifies as a "basic-hybrid gateway” designed to provide both the media gateway function and the Mediation Server role of Office Communications Server 2007.  Mediation Server provides PSTN and PBX interoperability, high-fidelity audio via the Microsoft RT Audio Codec, and VoIP security for Office Communications Server 2007. The Mediation Server software from Microsoft is a required element of an Office Communications Server 2007 deployment with PBX or PSTN integration, and comes pre-installed on the Dialogic 4000 Media Gateway Series.

During my tests of Office Communications Server 2007 I had to install a Mediation Server on a separate Windows 2003 machine, so Dialogic's unique integration of the Mediation Server and the media gateway subsystem on a single 1U rackmount unit helps reduce the TCO.

The Dialogic 4000 gateway series are a perfect solution for corporations looking to deploy unified communications using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, but don't want to rip out their legacy phone system. The 4000 Gateway Series support T1/E1 as well as supplementary services on ETSI-DSS1, QSIG, and other TDM protocols enabling call transfer, call hold, MWI, and call party information which can be extended to a VoIP environment. It is compatible with popular PBX manufacturers, including Alcatel, Avaya/Tenovis, DeTeWe, Ericcson, Lucent, Matra, Nortel, Siemens, and more.

Importantly, it uses the SIP standard and it supports SRTP (secure RTP) on Communications Server 2007 and SIP over mutual TLS for encrypted VoIP communications.

The media gateway sub-system offers dual load-balancing Gigabit Ethernet interfaces towards the IP networks, as well as a choice of either two or four T1/E1 interfaces towards the PSTN or PBX. The two integrated turnkey configurations can support up to 60 or 120 channels of unified communications traffic between legacy networks and the IP network and thus are capable of supporting hundreds of IP endpoints registered to Office Communications Server 2007.  Multiple units can be co-located or distributed across a managed IP network as enterprises scale up their unified communications deployments.

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