Dialogic Launches High Density BorderNet 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway

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Dialogic Launches High Density BorderNet 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway

Dialogic today launched their high density BorderNet 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway (IMG) for service providers. It enables “any-to-any” network connectivity, integrated signaling and increased capacity for service provider networks to handle more subscribers and more calls per second. Its next generation Dialogic BorderNet 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway features 2.6x the session capacity of the previous generation Dialogic IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway.

According to Dialogic, networks using a BorderNet 2020 IMG have achieved call rates ranging from 36-52 calls per second when connecting mobile or fixed line subscribers to mobile VAS and cloud-based services. Because the BorderNet 2020 IMG can convert traffic from both TDM-to-IP and IP-to-IP, it also provides value for service providers during the TDM to IP transition process. For networks that are still transitioning, service providers may save on capital expenses once the migration to pure-IP is complete by shifting to all-IP operations on the platform.

The BorderNet 2020 IMG enables service providers to address a wide range of internetworking and security objectives through its integration of leading media gateway and session border controller (SBC) functions.  Dialogic explained, "These SBC functions include secure SIP session control and mediation, media transcoding, traffic management and topology hiding. Moreover, the enhanced VoIP density of up to 2,016 channels and integrated signaling for the BorderNet 2020 IMG are packaged in a compact 1U form factor, which enables significantly reduced capital and operating expenses as compared to prior generation gateways. The purpose-built BorderNet 2020 IMG also reduces power requirements 35 to 45 percent per gateway channel as compared to the IMG 1010, to support service providers’ and call centers’ energy-efficiency initiatives."

The BorderNet 2020 IMG offers high density STM-1, OC-3 and multiple DS3 connectivity to PSTN networks in addition to Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for separation of signaling, management and bearer traffic. The BorderNet 2020 IMG supports configuration via an Element Management System and features standards-based integration between SS7, SIP and other leading IP network protocols. You can check out the Dialogic BorderNet 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway here.

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