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Empirix Comprehensive VoIP Testing Solution

Empirix builds some of my favorite testing tools that I use in the labs, so it's worth sharing their latest release...

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Empirix Reduces Risk, Speeds Enterprise VoIP Deployments With First
Comprehensive Solution for Testing VoIP Infrastructure and Applications

Market share leader in test solutions for VoIP equipment developers and
service providers now enables integrated pre-deployment testing for enterprise
IP and TDM networks

ORLANDO, Fla. – Feb. 7, 2005 – Empirix Inc., a leading provider of integrated test and management solutions for VoIP, contact center and Web environments, today announced the industry’s first comprehensive solution for ensuring successful deployment of enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure and applications. The Hammer® VoIP Test Solution for Enterprises allows enterprises to reduce risk and speed the rollout of VoIP services and IP telephony applications (such as messaging, speech self-service, conferencing and CTI) by accurately assessing how their infrastructure and applications will perform as a live, enhanced IP service.

Empirix has more than a decade of experience testing VoIP network infrastructures, operational carrier networks and enhanced IP services, and has been the market share leader in those areas for the past three years[1]. Hammer VoIP Test Solution for Enterprises combines that expertise with the company’s deep experience in enterprise voice and Web environments.

Traditionally, enterprises deploying VoIP have performed network readiness assessments and/or used test tools supplied by VoIP equipment vendors. By enabling enterprises to test applications running on VoIP networks in their own environments, Empirix provides a more comprehensive approach, and the capability for enterprises to perform upgrade and migration testing on an ongoing basis. In addition, Hammer VoIP Test Solution for Enterprises can be used to analyze and troubleshoot both pure VoIP networks and hybrid IP/TDM environments.

Jessy F. Cavazos, Industry Analyst and Communication Test Sector Leader for research firm Frost & Sullivan, noted that due to its deep experience with carriers and service providers, Empirix brings unique experience to the enterprise VoIP market. “Empirix has been testing VoIP technology since it first emerged in labs years ago – extending its capabilities into the enterprise is a natural next step,” said Cavazos. “By combining its VoIP expertise with its enterprise applications experience, Empirix will set itself apart from the vendor-specific test solutions and simple network assessment tools on the market.”

UpSource, a state-of-the-art provider of high-quality customer service solutions for small to mid-size enterprises, has begun using Empirix’s solutions to test and troubleshoot its current and future VoIP offerings. This includes current testing of remote call center agent positions using VoIP and testing for VoIP interoperability issues, and future load testing of IP-based speech self-service (IVR) applications and tuning their network for best voice quality. “Empirix’s test and troubleshooting solutions will give us the flexibility and confidence to add new VoIP services on demand,” said Mark Burns, Chief Technical Officer for UpSource. “We were able to start troubleshooting within hours. And load testing of our network infrastructure and our IP-based IVR applications will identify issues before our customers see them, saving us untold hours and headaches. As a result, we are even more confident in our ability to add new remote VoIP agents and roll out new IP-based applications and VoIP capacity on demand.”

The Hammer VoIP Test Solution is comprised of three elements:

- Hammer FX-IP, a feature test platform for IP environments that generates test IP calls and evaluates voice quality;

- Hammer CallMaster™, a graphical scripting and reporting tool for creating test call flows; and

- Hammer Call Analyzer™, a diagnostics and troubleshooting solution that enables users to visualize and debug signaling and voice quality problems in VoIP networks.

Organizations that need to test converged IP/TDM environments can add Hammer FX, which generates test TDM calls. Existing Empirix customers who are migrating from TDM to VoIP and already have Hammer FX and Hammer CallMaster need only add Hammer FX-IP for generating IP test calls and Hammer Call Analyzer for diagnostics and reporting.

According to Jeff Fried, Chief Technology Officer for Empirix’s Enterprise Solutions Group, even though enterprises are adopting VoIP technology in droves, many still have lingering concerns about quality. “It’s not uncommon for enterprises to tell us, ‘We’re deploying VoIP in phases, and based on feedback from users, I’m still afraid to put a VoIP phone on our CEO’s desk!’” said Fried. “The only way to confidently deploy VoIP is to test thoroughly – and Empirix’s approach of testing both the infrastructure and applications in your own environment is by far the most thorough approach in the industry.”

Hammer VoIP Test Solution for Enterprises is available now. Empirix’s expert staff, all of whom have deep experience testing and managing the performance of VoIP networks and applications, are available for on-site system installation and configuration, creation of initial scripts and user training. Pricing for the products is dependent on the size of the system being tested and the type of testing required, and begins at approximately $40,000. For more information, visit www.empirix.com/e-voip, call 1-866-EMPIRIX or email info@empirix.com.

About Empirix

Empirix delivers a comprehensive range of testing and monitoring solutions that assure the performance of next-generation networks, contact centers and Web-based applications. Empirix provides products, services and support to thousands of customers worldwide, including Global 2000 enterprises, network equipment manufacturers and service providers. Headquartered in Bedford, Mass., Empirix is a privately held company, with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information visit www.empirix.com or call 1-866-EMPIRIX.

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