eyeBeam 1.5 launches

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eyeBeam 1.5 launches

CounterPath launched their latest version of their SIP softphone with video capabilities. I interviewed them last week to find out the scoop on the new features and recorded the call to pull some quotes, but alas I came down with a nasty cold the end of last week, and didn't have time over the weekend to replay the interview. You may have noticed my blogging was a tad light over the weekend and yesterday. I will point out that Yahoo Messenger embeds CounterPath's audio technology within their softphone client. In any event, I do have the news that Counterpath shared with me that is worth a look, but it doesn't include the quotes I wanted to include nor my insightful analysis. ;)

Scratch that... I can't resist one piece of analysis on CounterPath. Damn Irish pride! I do like how CounterPath has embraced standards-based security (TLS) and QoS (802.11p). I believe they are the only softphone only solutions that supports TLS and 802.11p. There are some solutions that install a service to implement QoS. They also mentioned they are partnering with Telchemy, a leader in the VoIP quality monitoring/QoS space to provide QoS feedback to the service providers.

eyeBeam 1.5, which supports voice, video and instant messaging, includes several new features that enhance the overall softphone user experience, as well as new network management, platform support and security capabilities for Service Providers.

eyeBeam 1.5 features new inherent technology and design capabilities. The softphone now supports superior video and audio codecs such as H.264 and Broadcom's BV32. It also includes new Quality of Service (QoS) and security capabilities that are built into the core application. These include the ability to automatically prioritize packets during both video and voice calls to ensure the end user experience is better than ever, and new security features such as signalling encryption via Transport Layer Security (TLS) as well as message authentication and confidentiality via Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) streams to secure the voice and video connections.

To enhance the softphone user experience, eyeBeam 1.5 features "zero-touch" configuration for audio and video devices, such as headsets or web cams, enabling automatic configuration each time eyeBeam is started and whenever devices are changed. This reduces hassles for softphone users, while also decreasing the number of customer support calls for Service Providers. Additionally, eyeBeam 1.5 includes an enhanced contacts manager with Microsoft Outlook support and importing/exporting capabilities, which integrates with the presence capabilities already available with eyeBeam.

For the benefit of both enterprise and Service Provider customers, CounterPath has added enhanced performance management capabilities to eyeBeam. These allow enterprises and Service Providers to monitor voice quality in real-time, and create and manage VoIP quality reports for their subscribers.

Furthermore, eyeBeam 1.5 includes additional features such as advertising display support and API improvements that allow for seamless integration of multiple handset and headset devices, resulting in a richer user voice and video experience all the while ensuring the delivery of maximum communication quality at low data rates.

"Our goal is to provide the best softphone experience, regardless of device or application," said Mark Bruk, CEO of CounterPath. "With this new version of eyeBeam, we have not only proven our dedication to the evolving requirements of both softphone users and Service Providers, but have also raised the bar for voice and video over IP."

eyeBeam 1.5 is currently available in Windows. Mac, Linux and Pocket PC versions will be available in Q2 2006.

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