EZCallerID.com Hosted CNAM for Enhanced Caller-ID on any IP-PBX Launches

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EZCallerID.com Hosted CNAM for Enhanced Caller-ID on any IP-PBX Launches

EZ Call, Inc. today announced the launch of EZCallerID.com, a new service that provides enhanced Caller ID, also known as CNAM, for VoIP calls. The hosted CNAM service gives you not just the phone number, but the name of the person calling.

Most SIP trunking providers do not provide the caller's name with Caller ID on inbound calls. EZCallerID.com solves this issue by simply having you route your inbound calls to their server. They insert the caller's name and send the call back to your IP-PBX.

How's it work? Simply put, EZCallerID.com connects to the national databases that contain the name associated with each phone number, perform a reverse lookup, insert the CallerID info into the From SIP header and then send the call back to you.

This is similar in concept to my recent article, CNAM (CallerID with Name) on Asterisk using Reverse Phone number lookup, but in this case, no Asterisk PBX is required. It works with any SIP-based IP-PBX. It is a hosted offering, so there is a fee of course, but it's not  expensive. They only charge $0.015 per call (or $1.50 for every 100 calls). The service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis ($10 minimum initial charge), with no recurring charges or minimum monthly commitment.

Head on over to EZCallerID.com if you want to sign-up.

Hat tip to Eric Hernaez for the news tip
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