FCC e911 - Countdown to VoIP Armageddon

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FCC e911 - Countdown to VoIP Armageddon

The FCC extended the e911 deadline once already with its due date now August 29th - that's four days away. That's this Monday! IP Inferno reminded me with today's blog post (been having Google Talk on the brain I guess).

I've written about this impending e911 deadline several times in the past. In fact, I predicted the deadline extension what I wrote, "My guess is there will be some sort of extension to the deadline if the VoIP providers can prove that hundreds if not thousands of customers still haven't acknowledged the e911 rules. The FCC would be stupid to
allow the VoIP broadband providers to "kill" phone service to thousands of VoIP customers."

Well they did extend it, but soon Vonage, Packet8, AT&T CallVantage, Lingo, Broadvoice, and other VoIP providers will have to pull the plug on their customers if they haven't acknowledged the e911 service limitations.

Yes, the day of reckoning for the VoIP industry approacheth. The day of VoIP Armageddon is coming! Repent now!

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