FCC extends e911 deadline again!

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FCC extends e911 deadline again!

BREAKING News! As I predicted, the FCC would extend the deadline. The FCC said the deadline would be extended to Sept. 28 for the providers to get their acknowledgments. If by that time a provider still has not received confirmation from a customer, then the FCC said the companies should disconnect a customer's regular Internet phone service, but could still allow emergency calls to be made.

Uhh, so now the FCC is asking the VoIP providers to allow 911 to be dialed but to block any other number? Now the FCC is just changing the rules due to the firestorm of controversy over them forcing VoIP providers to cut access - including 911 access. Now they're just covering their butts.

Update: (here's an excerpt from the FCC PDF)
In this Public Notice, the Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) provides further guidance to providers of interconnected voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service concerning enforcement of the subscriber affirmative acknowledgement requirement set forth in the Commission’s VoIP Enhanced 911 (E911) rules.1 Specifically, the Bureau announces that it will continue to refrain, for an additional 30 days -- until September 28, 2005 -- from enforcing the requirement that VoIP providers obtain affirmative acknowledgements from 100% of their subscribers that they have read and understood an advisory concerning the limitations of their E911 service against those providers that meet the reporting requirements established below.

In addition to satisfying these reporting requirements, to be eligible for this extension, providers also must have filed a report on or before August 10, 2005 in accordance with the Bureau’s July 26, 2005 Public Notice. The Bureau will evaluate the sufficiency of the updated reports filed by interconnected VoIP providers and take subsequent action as necessary.

P.S. This blog post marks 1,000 posts! :D

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