FierceVoIP's Top 15 VoIP Companies of 2006

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FierceVoIP's Top 15 VoIP Companies of 2006

Fierce 15FierceVoIP has released a list of their Top 15 VoIP Companies of 2006, which FierceVoIP Editor Dan Rosenbaum calls the Fierce 15.

Dan writes: "I have a particular belief that the companies that will succeed most brilliantly are the ones that succeed in building an ecosystem around themselves, and that brilliant applications are at the forefront of today's VoIP industry…Some of these companies you've heard of. Some, I bet, you haven't. But you should. These are the best of breed for 2006."

It's an interesting list, which includes Empirix, SunRocket, Jajah, Iotum, Digium, GrandCentral, and several other notable players in the VoIP space. Some in the list I agree with, some I don't. It's a pretty short list, so I'm sure narrowing it down to just 15 was tough and as a result some good VoIP players will inevitably be left out in the cold.

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