Flashphone adds SIP Call Me Button

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Flashphone adds SIP Call Me Button

Flashphone, which I reviewed here, has created a CallMe widget which allows you to put CallMe button on your site and then use your own SIP account to connect it to your PSTN number. It can also make a SIP call to SIP URI or make a call to the flashphone Flash-based VoIP client.

I'll include a screenshot of the Flash widget followed by the actually embedding of the Flash widget which looks similar to Youtube embedded code. (including both in case you can't view embedded Flash):
Flashphone callme widget

If you click the Call Me button, it will initiate a call to a Russian auto-attendant. This is just a demo that Flashphone setup for me, so don't abuse it please.

Mr Blog points out the privacy/security concerns over giving out your SIP credentials to a third party (Flashphone), when he says: I hate to be throwing wet blankets on this, but here we have another "anonymous" entity, this time in Russia - is it safe to give them the SIP credentials for our accounts. Point taken. Flashphone for its part responded in Mr. Blog's comments and also pointed to their privacy policy page.

Privacy and security concerns aside, I think it's pretty cool to be able to use your SIP credentials simply using your browser. Something like 99.1% of PCs and Macs have Flash installed, so basically you can take your SIP credentials to any PC without having to install a SIP softphone.

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