flashphone Beta Running on Adobe Flash launches

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flashphone Beta Running on Adobe Flash launches

As you know, I've discussed Adobe getting into VoIP in the past where you can use a 100% Flash softphone application. Since the vast majority of PCs, Macs, PockePCs, Windows Mobile, and other operating systems all have Flash installed, in theory you can have easy cross-platform VoIP calls simply by visiting a website with a Flash VoIP applet embedded. Flash applets automatically download in the background without requiring a separate installer or administrator rights. Alas, Adobe still hasn't yet launched their 100% Flash VoIP application.

While we wait for Adobe to offer their VoIP solution, I just learned about a VoIP softphone that runs in 100% Flash using Adobe Flash 9 or later. Even cooler, their beta allows you to make FREE calls using their Flash VoIP softphone aptly named flashphone. Flashphone.ru limits the call length to 3 minutes and just 2 test calls per day (temporarily).

To test this new VoIP browser application, I registered on their website (required) and in just 1 minute I was making free test calls. Here's a screenshot of a test call I made to the U.S. (country code = 1) to TMC's corporate headquarters. (1-203-852-6800 x149 is my extension. The additional '5' digit was just me testing touch-tones.)

flashphone phone GUI

Just before the call was connected I did see a popup saying something like "Insert Advertisement here" - so the business model appears to be trying to get advertisers. The sound quality was excellent. It did have a bit of latency, but nothing terrible. Here is a screenshot of the help screen which explains how to configure the microphone you wish to use within the Flash settings.
flashphone flash settings

You can call any phone number using the international format. Even cooler for VoIP geeks like me is that you can dial a SIP-URI for a SIP call, i.e. sip:username@yourdomain.com.

It gets better. You can use mobile version of flashphone on your Pocket PC device or a smartphone (Windows Mobile). In theory, even the Apple iPhone should be able to run this application for free calls. Take that AT&T! Ok, it's only for 3 minutes, but hey, it's a good start. Actually, just remembered the iPhone doesn't support Flash yet - though rumors persist Flash support is coming. Ah well... This is still a pretty cool app. It's Flash, it's cross-platform, and it gives you free calls - what's not to love?

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