Fonality Picked The Overall IT Expo Best of Show Winner

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Fonality Picked The Overall IT Expo Best of Show Winner

In addition to blogging, reviewing VoIP products, and managing TMC's IT department, I'm one of the judges for Best of Show at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. I should mention that TMC has created several categories that exhibitors can apply and possibly win. However, in my opinion there was ONE single overall Best of Show Winner at TMC's IT Expo in Los Angeles. One booth stood above them all. The Best of Show booth was without a doubt the Fonality booth where they had several chairs to demo their trixbox offerings. Everytime they did a presentation all the chairs were taken and in fact several rows of people stood behind the chairs to watch the demo.

Of course, Fonality was giving out free T-shirts. Who doesn't like free stuff? So maybe the freebie had something to do with it. Nah, I doubt it. More likely it was their excellent presentation of a very popular Asterisk-based solution. Or perhaps it was Fonality's stunningly beautiful booth babes? Below are a few photos of me with the Fonality/Trixbox booth babes.
fonality booth-babes with Tom Keating fonality booth-babes with Tom Keating fonality booth-babes with Tom Keating One of them is actually Fonaity CEO Chris Lyman's fiancee. Oh, and if your worried I'm getting a little too close to Chris's future wife, potentially ruining TMC's relationship with Fonality -- no worries, guess who's taking the pictures? Yep, Chris Lyman himself. Before I knew it a crowd gathered around to watch as Chris Lyman snapped photo after photo after photo. He even got on his knees for one shot. I felt like I was on some sort of professional photoshoot for some supermodel or celebrity magazine. Of course I'm not a celebrity by any means - nope not me. Nobody knows me in the VoIP industry, but I have been told I could be a supermodel.

I'm thinking the audience that gathered were hoping to get their turn at some free photos with the booth babes. Ironically, Rich Tehrani, my boss, happened to be walking by and snapped some photos with his mobile phone camera laughing all the way. For all I know he's posted them to his blog already! Yep, Rich already posted a photo. I'll be damned, he beat me to it.

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