Forget Web 2.0 and VoIP 2.0

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Forget Web 2.0 and VoIP 2.0

Just forget about Web 2.0, or even VoIP 2.0 - we now have 3.0! :D Ok, a bad metaphor, but I wanted to share this bit of news from, one of the leading suppliers of VoIP equipment - and they're really great guys to boot. I've met several of their staff at past Internet Telephony Conference & Expo shows and they certainly know their VoIP stuff. Whether you need some "handholding" to figure out your VoIP needs or you know exactly what you want, will certainly fulfill your VoIP needs. In any event, VoIP Supply recently announced the launch of Version 3, new version of their website that features advanced functionality for online customers.

Here's the news...

VoIP Supply, LLC the leading provider of Voice over IP telephony products, software, and services, today announced the launch of Version 3. This next generation site features advanced functionality that makes finding specific items within the robust online catalog effortless. In addition to the advanced functionality, Version 3 features a section for bandwidth and VoIP service quote submission, the ability to view real time pre-owned inventory, Vendor Spotlights which focus on a specific vendor’s products, and increased informational content for better customer education.

“In order to exceed the ever changing expectations of our customers, it was necessary for us to effectively deliver a variety of changes that will continue to position as the place to shop online for VoIP hardware, software, and services”, stated Benjamin P. Sayers, President and CEO of VoIP Supply, LLC.

To view the latest enhancements to VoIP Supply’s website, please visit

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