fring updates Symbian VoIP client

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fring updates Symbian VoIP client

fring, just released fring's latest version 3.36 for all Symbian 9 devices. fring, the "Swiss Army knife" of mobile VoIP/IM apps supports MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, SIP, and more.

fring's blog writes, "Having upgraded the GUI (the way it looks to you and me) fring is now better looking (as if that were possible) and more user friendly with an upgraded menu structure, and all of your favorite online communities and cool new fring Add-ons available in one easy place, making it simpler than ever to find what you need."


They also explained the new version now supports FAXL 3 Add-on development language.

Point your Symbian phone to download it now!

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