GIPS adds PCTEL to its growing portfolio

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GIPS adds PCTEL to its growing portfolio

GIPS signs up yet another hardware manufacturer to use their remarkable voice engine used in Skype, Google Talk, and other VoIP solutions. PCTEL is going to use GIPS technology for to be used on mobile phones, PDAs, and PCs. PCTEL has licensed both the PPC and Symbian versions of GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile to be used in conjunction with PCTEL's Roaming Client family of products. My how far Global IP Sound has come since I did the first exclusive review of their GIPS voice engine on a Pocket PC back in 2003 - before most people even heard of GIPS.

"Our goal is always to provide the highest level of quality, ease of use and reliability available on the market-and GIPS's technology is clearly the best solution available today," said Biju Nair, vice president and general manager of PCTEL's Mobility Solutions Group."We are confident that GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile will allow us to provide the quality levels that our users have come to expect. GIPS and PCTEL have a long history together going back to PCTEL's modem days. We are very excited about embedding the industry leading technology from GIPS in our IMS/FMC products."

PCTEL's Roaming Client is used by several major wireless carriers worldwide. PCTEL's Roaming Client is designed to manage connectivity on Laptops and PDAs using a wide variety of internal and external wireless devices. Roaming Client VE (Voice Enabled), an IMS-ready software client, extends communications services to dual-mode mobile devices and enables ubiquitous communications over Cellular (GSM/CDMA) or WiFi networks based on the best connectivity available to the device. Several IMS infrastructure providers currently license the PCTEL voice-enabled solution and PCTEL's technology provides support for virtually any WiFi adapter.

"The ability to maintain consistent voice quality across all IP-enabled communications platforms, including mobile devices, is critical to VoIP technology reaching its full potential over the next several years," said Gary P. Hermansen, President and CEO of Global IP Sound. "GIPS will play a major role in supporting the broadest range of leading technology vendors, from chip manufacturers to mobile technology providers in these efforts.This is another validation of GIPS leadership position as the solution of choice for voice quality solutions."

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