Global IP Sound on popular Symbian OS

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Global IP Sound on popular Symbian OS

Some interesting news to report from Global IP Sound (their VoIP codecs are used in Skype, Teleo, and more):

Global IP Sound (GIPS), a leading provider of embedded voice-processing solutions for the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) market, today announced that it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program to support the growing market for smartphones based on Symbian OS.

As a Platinum Partner, GIPS is extending its VoiceEngine Mobile platform to the Symbian ecosystem. Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, the operating system that powers today's most popular smartphones. Symbian OS is licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers. To date, more than 32 million Symbian OS phones have shipped to over 200 network operators worldwide.

“This partnership reflects our commitment to the Mobile Voice- over-IP market and our intent to build upon our mobile VoIP strategy,” said Gary Hermansen, President and CEO of Global IP Sound. “By becoming a Symbian Platinum Partner, we can further expand our VoiceEngine Mobile platform and strengthen our relationships with users, application developers, smartphone manufacturers and network operators.”

VoiceEngine Mobile for Symbian OS empowers OEMs to extend the mobility of VoIP to end users. The platform helps these companies create products that are easy to use and provide better-than PSTN voice quality even without in-house Voice-over-IP expertise. VoiceEngine Mobile allows manufacturers of mobile, IP-enabled products to capture all of the benefits of GIPS VoiceEngine technology-superior voice quality, accelerated product development and technology specifically designed for packet networks.

“Embedded voice-processing solutions, such as Voice-over-IP, have become a fundamental requirement for today's smartphones,” said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president, US operations, Symbian. “We are delighted to have Global IP Sound join the Symbian Platinum Program and bring its innovative voice-processing technology to the Symbian ecosystem.”

The comprehensive, packaged solution handles all of the necessary voice components for VoIP to let OEMs achieve superior voice quality even under adverse conditions. VoiceEngine Mobile manages all of the most challenging problems encountered in mobile IP applications, including packet loss and low delay.

“As the number of smartphones based on Symbian OS is rapidly increasing, GIPS has great opportunities for VoiceEngine Mobile to contribute to the value of current models and those in the development pipeline,” said Hermansen. “The open standards supported in Symbian OS enable us to deliver superior voice quality to released smartphones today, and can be just as easily incorporated in the smartphones of tomorrow - from many different manufacturers and geographies.”

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