Global IP Sound Unveils GIPS VoiceMail Engine

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Global IP Sound Unveils GIPS VoiceMail Engine

Global IP Sound (GIPS), a leading provider of embedded voice-processing solutions for the Voice-over-IP market, is releasing its VoiceMail Engine, which allows applications developers to quickly and successfully build a fully-functional and high-quality voicemail application for VoIP telephony systems. GIPS VoiceMail Engine is a server-based solution that provides the complete media framework to handle all the voice processing needed for a VoIP voicemail system, such as file recording, file playout, and DTMF detection.

In my opinion, this is a great extension to Global IP Sound's renowned VoIP codec, especially considering all the issues of DTMF errors/non-detection due to compression of DTMF/touch-tone digits. This is a bit higher up on the food chain for Global IP Sound - more at the application level than their codec which is merely an underlying technology. While more of a developer application than a turn-key application, it still is worthy of note. It should be interesting to see if Global IP Sound launches other types of VoIP developer applications or if they will move further up the food chain and offer a full turn-key VoIP application.

“Enterprise-class voicemail is a critical component in creating a VoIP telephony system that meets the needs and expectations of today's customers,” said Roar Hagen, Founder and CTO of Global IP Sound. “In addition to providing unbeatable and cutting-edge voice quality technology, GIPS VoiceMail Engine lets developers create a complete and feature-rich solution that will add value for customers. In short, GIPS VoiceMail Engine delivers the levels of quality and capabilities that will become the de facto standard in the VoIP industry.”

GIPS VoiceMail Engine allows VoIP applications developers to provide the robust voicemail functionality found in PSTN solutions, while delivering voice quality that exceeds levels found in traditional phone systems. This powerful and expandable embedded solution enables software providers to develop traditional voicemail features, such as recording greetings, and saving and forwarding messages, as well as more advanced features like accessing messages via email. GIPS VoiceMail Engine also includes key features designed specifically for VoIP communications, such as codec settings, DTMF detection, and support for .wav files.

GIPS VoiceMail Engine incorporates the state-of-the-art voice processing technology found in GIPS VoiceEngine and GIPS ConferenceEngine, which maximize quality by reducing the effects of packet loss, jitter and delay, clock drift and quality impairments inherent in VoIP communications. GIPS VoiceMail Engine also enables the flexibility to configure capacity in terms of mailboxes, recording time and simultaneous access parameters. Other features include volume control and automatic gain control.

GIPS VoiceMail Engine supports a broad array of platforms, including Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux. It is compatible with any call set-up protocol, including SIP and H.323, and allows for the addition of external encryption technology for enhanced security.

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