Google Voice + magicJack = $1.66/month Phone Bill

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Google Voice + magicJack = $1.66/month Phone Bill

What do you get when you combine Google Voice + MagicJack? Well, you get $1.66/month phone service, of course.

First, you need a MagicJack which costs $39.99 for the first year and includes the USB device. Subsequent years are $19.99/year or $1.66/month.

Second, you need to get Google Voice, which is free, but you need an invite to get in.

Lastly, you point your Google Voice number to your magicJack phone number. This way if you ever decide to switch off of magicJack, you can just point Google Voice to your new phone number.

You now have a fully-featured powerful phone line for just $1.66/month!

With Google Voice you get multiple line ringing, call forwarding, custom greetings, free SMS, call recording, call screening, automatic voicemail transcription and more. What else do you need?

Check out the cost comparison with some popular unlimited plan offerings:

 Costs  Per Month  Per Year
 AT&T    $32.99   $395.88
 Comcast    $39.95   $467.40
 Verizon    $49.99   $599.88
 Vonage    $24.99   $299.88
 Google Voice & magicJack      $1.66     $19.99

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