Google VoIP Part2

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Google VoIP Part2

Google VoIP rumor no more? Last week I "theorized" that Google would launch a VoIP service and it looks like my theory, prediction, whatever you want to call it may have come true! (others made similar analysis). You should check out my "theorized" Google VoIP blog entry which includes screenshots of what Google VoIP might look like.

There was quite a buzz around that blog entry I wrote as I received countless emails on it.

Today, according to at least two news sources, Google is launching a free telephone service that would link users via a broadband Internet connection using a headset and a home computer.

Below are the two news links claiming Google is going VoIP... This is breaking news, which may be inaccurate, so I am still looking to confirm these two news sources that claim Google is indeed launching into the VoIP space.

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