Got Old VoIP Equipment? Check out this VoIP Buyback Program

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Got Old VoIP Equipment? Check out this VoIP Buyback Program

Got some old VoIP phones lying around and want to upgrade to some newfandangled executive phone sporting a color LCD and video playback? Or how bout an upgrade to an HD IP phone? Well, VoIP Supply has your back with their buyback program. tomorrow they are launching their Reclaim VoIP equipment buyback program. Under the Reclaim program, companies and individuals can sell their used or excess VoIP equipment to VoIP Supply in return for store credit or direct payout. Sweet! I have at least 10 IP phones in various conditions (outdated, broken LCD, malfunctioning) that I could use the store credit with.

It's not clear from the Reclaim VoIP form whether or not VoIP Supply will take malfunctioning IP phones or those with cracked LCDs. Though last I communicated with VoIP Supply a few months ago about sending them several malfunctioning IP phones and one with a cracked LCD and they said they'd give me some credit for them. They do refurbish IP phones after all. So this is great news to all of you out there looking to salvage an out-of-warranty IP phone! And hey, if I helped saved you some dough let me know by posting a comment.

According to VoIP Supply, the Reclaim program was designed based on VoIP Supply's roots in IT asset management and experience in the supply of VoIP equipment. Sellers utilize a 5-step web-based process to receive fair market value for their equipment allowing them to receive back a portion of their initial investment in this equipment.
  1. Submit a list of equipment for sale via the VoIP Supply Reclaim website or associated email address.
  2. Receive a Reclaim buyback offer on your equipment from VoIP Supply.
  3. Properly package your equipment for shipment and ready package for pick-up by VoIP Supply's shipment carrier.
  4. Await confirmation of shipment receipt and equipment acceptance from VoIP Supply.
  5. Receive a check or store credit for the agreed upon value of the equipment.
"Spending has increased this year as the economy continues to improve, but this spending is still very tight" stated Benjamin Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply LLC. "Reclaim is a perfect vehicle for those with restricted budgets to recapitalize existing equipment assets in order to increase their overall budget available for new technology investments."

"New technologies such as HD (High Definition) voice can be a tough sell for companies that just purchased new handsets a year or two ago,' stated Garrett Smith Director of Marketing and Business Development at VoIP Supply, LLC. "These companies certainly realize the value in utilizing new technologies like HD voice, but are faced with budgetary limitations. With Reclaim these companies can lessen the blow of upgrading to these new technologies by reclaiming some of their initial investment in their legacy equipment and putting it towards the cost of newer offerings."

According to VoIP Supply, "Every year billions of dollars worth of perfectly acceptable and operational equipment sits idle in a storage room or closet leaving many with financial, environmental and security liabilities. Reclaim allows companies to properly recycle this excess or legacy equipment, preventing e-waste and putting the equipment to good use."

To check out VoIP Supply's Reclaim VoIP equipment buyback program, visit

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Feedback for Got Old VoIP Equipment? Check out this VoIP Buyback Program


This would be a great opportuniy in upgrading old VoIP phones.

Old equipment for new equipment...It's a greate idea.

This is a good idea and very handy for our customers who are always looking for low cost Linksys VoIP equipment for use with our security monitoring service.

Every cent in savings counts these days. I will be heading over to voipsupply to find out more about it.

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