Hilarious VoIP Promotion!

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Hilarious VoIP Promotion!

I noticed some interesting Google Adsense ads on my blog. It piqued my interest, but I'm not supposed to click on my own ads. Fortunately, I noticed it elsewhere and clicked through. The website shows two traditional PBXs complaining how they are going to be replaced by voice over IP. I tried to embed the .swf Flash file, but the file apparently has to reside on the original source website. I was able to capture the sound however as 4 separate .mp3 files, which are pretty damn funny!

I've included them here: (first one is set to AutoPlay)

For the full effect of the two PBXs talking you should check out the website. You can hear the background "hum" of the PBXs in the background even when the PBXs stop speaking. The background noise sounds like your typical IT room. But before I share the website URL, try and guess who created this VoIP promotion.

Whoever can guess it first, I'll send a free Internet Telephony Conference & Expo "Conference Superpass" - valued at $2,195.  This will get you into all the excellent educational conferences -and of course the Exhibit Hall to see the cool VoIP products displayed in the booths. Of course, the Exhibit Hall is always free, just as long as you pre-register, but access to the paid conference tracks is pretty cool, no? So take your guesses and post a comment.

I'll give it a few hours and if no one can find out who is doing this promo, I will update this post with the answer and the link to the source website. Good luck!

Update: Doh! The ad is appearing on almost every single impression. Last night I couldn't get it to display again. It looks like it's not only in the Adsense ads, but also the 24x7 OAS ads as well. The clues were in the audio files. Well this contest should be an EASY one.

Update 2: We have a winner! David Burr from Converged Network was first to guess Microsoft. i'll send you details on your free conference pass shortly.

The link to the hilarious Microsoft VoIP promotion is here:

It starts with an intro, but then to get the other clips to play, you have to click on the various menu options in the orange ticket tape. Do that and close it, and the other 3 clips will play.

Here's a screenshot of the 2 PBXs talking. Note the colored "talking" indicators. Pretty funny!
Microsoft VoIP As You Are

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