I Want My Triple Play!

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I Want My Triple Play!

According to a survey, Britons prefer convenience of one bill to pay for VoIP, IPTV and broadband combined delivery. A 2005 European survey in 6 countries has revealed that 81% of ADSL subscribers are interested in receiving triple play service from one provider, with 34% of Britons claiming the most compelling reason to select one provider for all three services is "one bill to pay for all three services," presuming price and availability aren't an issue. The survey was conducted by InsightExpress, an independent market research firm, on behalf of SupportSoft, Inc.

I wonder what the percentage of Americans that want Triple Play is? All I know is (and to borrow an MTV quote), "I WANT MY TRIPLE PLAY!" - so count me in as survey respondent #1.

Check out the full news here: mysan.de - 81% of European Broadband Users Want Triple

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