i2Telecom InternetTalker MG-3

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i2Telecom InternetTalker MG-3

The InternetTalker is another ATA (analog telephony adaptor) device that works in conjunction with i2Telecom's VoIP network services.

While there seems to be a new ATA coming to market every week, what I like about this ATA is a feature they call "Cellular Bridge".

Here is what their website had to say, Cellular Bridge Brings VoIP Savings to Mobile Phones. Exclusive, patented “cellular bridge” capability allows up to 3 authorized phones to remotely access the MG-3 for low-cost and no-cost global calling. Because it uses Caller ID to identify authorized phones, this feature works with any cell phone, and any Internet connection, without the need for access codes or PIN numbers

So basically from the road you can pick up your cell phone, dial the InternetTalker, the device will recognize your CallerID and give you "2nd dial-tone" to dial another phone number. Now that is very cool! Of course, most people have a certain amount of "free minutes" on their cell phone plan, so I'm not sure the need for this unless you are dialing internationally.

Also, I'm not sure why they term it "cellular bridge" though when I don't see why it wouldn't work if you authorized a land-line phone. It too provides CallerID in most instances. Maybe it's just the way they are marketing it? Land-line calling to get 2nd dialtone seems to make more sense since you can save more money that way (assuming it's a local call to the InternetTalker). In any event, good stuff!

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