ICQ 5 Launched

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ICQ 5 Launched

ICQ Push to Talk
ICQ 5 is out with some VoIP features..But it's just push-to-talk walkie-talkie-style half-duplex 1990's technology. Ho hum.. boring!!! I thought we were beyond this half-duplex nonsense?

The only time I want to see half-duplex is on a walkie talkie or one of those annoying Nextel cellphones with the push-to-talk feature.Scratch that - I only want to see half duplex on walkie talkies. Nextel users annoy the hell outta me when they use it in a public place.Just the other day I was standing in line at the bank and the person at the teller was having a full (half-duplex)conversation AS HE WAS DEPOSITING A CHECK!How rude!

I digress...

From ICQ's website:

Push on your friend's name in the contact list for 2 seconds to open the feature. Click Page to start, wait for your friend to accept and then Push2Talk!
Hold down the button while you're talking and let go to listen when your friend is talking. Just like a walkie-talkie.

Other features:

  • Push2Talk - Instant communication walkie-talkie style.
  • ICQ Voice Chat.
  • Compatibility with dual screens.
  • Compatibility with full screen games.
  • Integrated Google Search - highlight a word in a message and right click to search Google.
  • SMS Follow Me Xtra (IM forwarding). Only available with supported networks.
  • Status Manager Xtra - Make your own status.
  • Ability to show/hide the contact list capability icons. (added movable separator)
  • Buzz It! Xtra - Send a message to multiple recipients.
  • New Auto Update mechanism.
  • Send messages using the Enter key (configurable).

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