IETF Meeting Discusses P2P SIP

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IETF Meeting Discusses P2P SIP

Erik Lagerway interviewed Cullen Jennings - Distinguished Engineer in the Voice Technology Group
at Cisco, and Erik claims that Cullen "has some great insight into what just took place at the 63rd
IETF Meeting in Paris".

Some interesting questions answered by the IETF meeting:

- What was this adhoc meeting on P2P SIP all about at the IETF?

- Do you think P2P SIP will have a profound affect on VoIP?

- How would P2P SIP compare to Skype's P2P model?

- Is it better or worse than Skype's model?

- Do you see P2P SIP replacing the SIP Proxy in traditional SIP networks?

- Will there be a P2P SIP Working Group in the IETF anytime soon?

- Where do we go from here?

I haven't had time to listen to the MP3 file myself, but I'm definitely curious to hear the IETF's take on P2P VoIP using the SIP protocol. P2P SIP could be a "Skype Killer" if ratified by the IETF and if it can offer the option of NAT traversal through firewalls - one of the best attributes of Skype (and every Network Administrator's nightmare).

The full interview is in MP3 format on Erik's blog. Go have a listen!

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