Internet Telephony Expo Preview

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Internet Telephony Expo Preview

itexpo-west-2008-show-guide.jpg Rich posted the official ITEXPO Show Guide, which gives you a preview of what's happening at next week's ITEXPO. You can check out the 17MB PDF by clicking the image to the left. In Rich's blog post, he previews what's happening at the show and he writes, "All the top names are in the show... Cisco, Avaya, Time Warner Cable, Mitel, Interactive Intelligence and Dialogic. In addition, the most important open-source communications companies will be exhibiting. Digium/Asterisk, Sangoma, Fonality, Pika, Orecx, Xorcom, Redfone, FreeSide and many more."

He adds, "Every IP PBX vendor who matters will be there. Every SMB VoIP provider... There will also be a great deal of solutions for service providers, call centers and more. The entire communications vendor community will be in attendance."

I can't believe the show is less than a week away. Should be a great show! Looking forward to meeting all the major players in VoIP & IP communications, as well as hanging out with fellow bloggers and journalists at Andy Abramson's renowned Bloggers' Dinner.

As I previously stated, I plan on using Livecast to stream portions of the show. I should probably test it sometime today on my blog to see how well it works. Come to think of it, I think I will. Stay tuned!

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