Invores Systems integrates with Asterisk open source IP-PBX

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Invores Systems integrates with Asterisk open source IP-PBX

Invores Systems has a SIP-based VoIP VoiceXML gateway platform called EXpress2.0™ that they have integrated with Asterisk's open source IP-PBX.

Asterisk is certainly making waves in the VoIP space due to the fact that it is open source and I welcome third-parties offering solutions to Asterisk's platform.

I have no doubt that the old days of proprietary PBXs and complex integration (ala CTI) are nearly gone.

Standards in the PBX/telecom world are here to stay - they finally caught up with the data/network world. This means much easier integration by third parties to entend and enhance the functionality of PBXs/IP-PBXs.

EXpress2.0 can be used to create speech-rec directory assistance and other speech-rec applications that will work on the Asterisk platform.

See the full release here:
VoIP SIP VoiceXML Gateway Platform Integrates with Asterisk

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