ITEXPO 90% Sold Out - IP Communications industry looks strong

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ITEXPO 90% Sold Out - IP Communications industry looks strong

ITEXPO is still two months away (September 16-18, 2008 -- Los Angeles, CA) yet Rich reports that the exhibit booth space is already 90% sold out.

Rich is pretty excited when he writes, "There has been more interest in ITEXPO Fall 2008, Los Angeles, CA September 16-18 than any other Internet Telephony Conference & Expo I can remember in recent years."

At first I thought perhaps Rich is being a bit too exuberant. After all, one well-known communications show (VON) faltered this year, so surely ITEXPO might not have its strongest show - at least if VON is any indication. But ITEXPO has been growing steadily and hasn't truly had a bad show (yet).

Also, the economy is certainly slowing, so many companies are holding back on their advertising and marketing budgets. However, if anything companies are looking to increase productivity in their communications to help reduce costs. One sure-fire way to do that is to deploy VoIP or unified communiations solutions. So perhaps that explains why in addition to the exhibit hall space being 90% sold out, pre-registration for attendees is actually ahead of last year at this time by 30%! Our VP of Marketing, Mike Genaro gave me these latest pre-attendance numbers.

Perhaps with one less IP communications show, that could have something to do with it. Rich had the same thought when he wrote, "It seems people are beginning to realize this show is the only major IP communications event left -- it is growing quickly and it draws attendees from around the world."

Here's a floor map:

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