Jabber SimpleAE and myJabberAE softphones

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Jabber SimpleAE and myJabberAE softphones

Some news to share confirming TMCnet's scoop on Jabber offering a softphone client and now we have a face to go with the name Actually, we now have a name to go with the product - Jabber's VoIP client is going to be called myJabberAE. In addition, this news release below talks about SimpleAE which is also part of the myJabberAE softphone family with one difference - it's targetted at service providers and third-party content products. Sounds eerily similar to Skype's recently announced Voice Services Program for third party content providers, don't you think?

At least they both companies seem to have their priorities straight - VoIP isn't about cheap minutes - not anymore. If you want to win in the VoIP game you've got to provide enhanced services and content.

Here's the release.

Jabber announces SimpleAE, the latest addition to the myJabberAE(Softphone) product family. Designed for mass distribution, the SimpleAE Softphone presents Service Providers with the ideal product to introduce subscribers to the world of Voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP has come a long way and now Service Providers have the opportunity to widely distribute a top-quality Softphone that will allow their subscribers to test drive Voice over IP and to experience the crystal clear voice quality firsthand.

myJabber offers Service Providers innovative incentives to get on board with this exciting product. Unlike most Softphones, licensing of SimpleAE will apply only to active clients. Service Providers will no longer pay for Softphones that have been distributed but are not being used. This translates into huge costs savings.

To enhance the Service Providers’ marketing efforts and to connect their subscribers to network-based services, myJabber has added a web window to their Softphone. Appearing along side the Softphone, the web window opens up a wide variety of fresh opportunities. “We’ve had many Service Providers looking for ways to combine network-based services with the Softphone , said Barry Lee, President of myJabber. The advantage of this enhancement is that it can be customized by Service Providers and it can also be used to advertise add-ons and upgrades.”

myJabber, founded in 2001, is a privately held corporation located in Canada’s national capital region. Focused on the creation of Softphone and Instant Messaging products, myJabber develops leading edge communications solutions for the individual and business subscriber. myJabber brings together a network of partners to provide world-class solutions for PDAs as well as desk top and laptop computers.

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