Jajah native SIP client for EM-ONE phone

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Jajah native SIP client for EM-ONE phone

Jajah just announced a very cool pre-installed VoIP client for the EM-ONE α device for the Japanese mobile carrier EMOBILE which was co-developed with Sharp and Microsoft. Their software uses the data channel (HSDPA) to deliver voice services for EMOBILE's mobile broadband customers. As of March of this year, EMOBILE offers flat rate mobile broadband data service which is perfect for VoIP calls without incurring a data charge. "EM Mobile Broadband" adopts 3.5G HSDPA technology offering 3.6Mbps maximum downlink speed and 384kbps maximum uplink speed. By running Windows Mobile 6, users can now make native SIP calls using the JAJAH software, to more than 120 global destinations. Take that Skype! Take that you Apple iPhone fanboys with your Skype on iPhone workarounds!

EMOBILE is a Japanese mobile carrier with a data only connection featuring the EM-ONE, a mobile device by SHARP. It has a large touch screen incorporating the industry's first 4.1 inch W-VGA (800X480 dot) high definition ASV LCD.  It combines a full-fledged Internet browser, a mobile PC and a mobile phone. In addition it has Bluetooth, WiFi, and a TV antenna and features high resolution TV channels all in a slim package considered to be one of the most slim mobile devices with a QWERTY keyboard in Japan. Why do the Japanese always get the cool phone gadgets first, gaming platforms first (Sony PS3), damn it!

Anyway, Frederik Hermann told me, "JAJAH Mobile for the EM-ONE α is a SIP-based VoIP application that ships with the device and connects its users over their mobile broadband Internet connection to regular phones, landline or mobile. We have all the backend technology and a great development team to provide this kind of next-generation IP-based services and it doesn't conflict with our ease-of-use and simplicity approach of providing smart click-to-call solutions to end-consumers via jajah.com, it is an example of a great collaborative project demonstrating our partner friendly approach to deliver the most interesting solutions to the consumers and create a win-win situation for all industry players involved."

Zoomed in Screenshot of Jajah interface:

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