John McCain goes VoIP

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John McCain goes VoIP

John McCainJohn McCain aka Mr. "Straight Talk" has gone VoIP. Or at least if De-Fi Mobile's new "Straight Talk" VoIP service has anything to do about it. The product is actually Voice-over-WiFi. No word from the McCain campaign if McCain supports De-Fi's usage of McCain's "straight talk" term. Word on the street though is that McCain is not happy that De-Fi has a trademark on the term.

The John McCain Straight Talk Express just might be derailed not by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama but by De-Fi. Interesting...

Anyhoo, it all gets explained after the jump...
De-Fi Mobile Chooses BroadSoft to enable Voice-over-WiFi applications

New 'Straight Talk' product to disrupt mobile services market with BroadWorks-based advanced calling features and global dialing with affordable pricing

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, February 12, 2008 - BroadSoft Inc., a leading provider of VoIP application software, today announced at Mobile World Congress that mobile application service provider De-Fi Mobile Ltd. has chosen BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform to enable the delivery of media-rich, advanced IP features and global voice service to mobile users, regardless of their wireless carrier and with predictable, affordable pricing.

De-Fi Mobile's new Straight Talk(tm) service disrupts the existing mobile services market by bridging the gaps between carrier networks, handset manufacturers and mobile application providers that has left subscribers with hit-or-miss call quality and often exorbitant pricing for non-local calling. Straight Talk, unveiled at Mobile World Congress, will allow users to enjoy advanced BroadWorks calling features on dual-mode handsets, and the ability to dial to and from anywhere in the world without worrying about high-cost roaming tariffs and long distance charges.

De-Fi Mobile has created its own IP Network for which BroadWorks will provide a consistent call experience across the IP domain and Circuit Switch domain, allowing WiFi-enabled mobile phones to access the SIP-based network. Through peering and interconnect agreements with over 220 carriers, cable and DSL providers globally, the De-Fi Mobile network combines carrier-grade architecture and next-generation mobile technology to deliver a seamless, feature-rich user experience.

"Voice-centric cellular networks are becoming increasingly stressed by media-rich IP applications and services," commented Jeffrey P. Rice, De-Fi's chief executive officer. "De-Fi built its own IP network to provide a superior alternative for media-rich, bandwidth intensive, real-time mobile applications and services. Wherever WiFi is available, mobile users can access De-Fi's application platform to receive BroadWorks-based voice services.

"Straight Talk is just our first service rollout," continued Rice.
"Upcoming services include video, gaming, web access, social networking, IM, email... you name it, we will deliver it."

BroadWorks provides a range of services including call routing and call continuity, providing the pre-IMS architecture required to deliver high bandwidth mobile applications direct to mobile handsets provisioned with the De-Fi SIP client. De-Fi Mobile subscribers will also have access to BroadWorks features such as simultaneous ring and alternate numbers.
De-Fi Mobile subscribers will benefit from a carrier-grade quality of service at affordable, predictable costs.

"Whilst rich mobile applications offer carriers differentiation and new revenue opportunities, poor user experience and the high costs associated with the delivery of such high bandwidth services are preventing mass adoption. Consumers are hungry for a better user experience with exciting new applications," said Scott Wharton, vice president of Marketing for BroadSoft. "De-Fi represents a fundamental shift in the mobile services industry toward mobile VoIP services that are 'De-Fined' by their quality, advanced features and price predictability."

Consumers can sign up for the Straight Talk service on De-Fi's web portal at, and begin using the service within minutes. Subscribers can choose phone numbers in 28 countries. Straight Talk is currently available to users of Nokia E and N series phones.

Additional handsets will be supported soon.

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