Kandice Melonakos a popstar wannabe releases KanTalk VoIP client

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Kandice Melonakos a popstar wannabe releases KanTalk VoIP client

Can you say "riding the coattails of VoIP"? Knowing how hot "VoIP" is, this little 17-year old teeny-bopper decided to create her own VoIP software to coincide with her debut single. Coincidence? Stupid marketing ploy! Actually, it worked, since I'm giving her the publicity. :@

Her software lets you call her live or leave her a message if she doesn't answer. I think everybody should go and download her client, install it and "prank" call her using the anonymity of the Internet. Just keep it clean, like "You're such a lamer." or "Stick to music not VoIP." Ok, maybe I'm being a bit harsh.

Teen pop singer launches own VOIP phone service. Kandice Melonakos, a 17 year old singer/songwriter is releasing her own branded version of VOIP called KanTalk! right along with her debut single. Her target is obvious - the MySpace generation that lives on the net and listens to music.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2005 -- There's Skype for shopping on E-Bay. There's MSN, Yahoo, and AOL VOIP for voice chatting. Yet, even with 11,000 or more VOIP providers, there is still room for a new kid on the block. And technically speaking, a kid she still is. Kandice Melonakos, a 17 year old singer/ songwriter /ventriloquist, is releasing her own branded version of VOIP called KanTalk! right along with her first single. Her target is obvious - connecting with people who listen to and make music.

The Kantalk! VoicePod is a free downloadable software that turns the computer into a phone and enables people from around the world to talk to each other over their computers without charge. After downloading, simply plug in a headset and start calling. KanTalk! enables friends to talk for hours and save their cell phone minutes for when they are truly mobile. The KanTalk! registration link can be found on http://www.kandicemusic.com. After fans hear the music on the artist's VoicePod, they can click a button to call the artist, leave a voicemail, send a text message or even video mail.

KanTalk! includes video and voice mail features, as well as the ability to listen to Kandice's music which she writes herself. "Kandice is the perfect poster child for the VOIP industry," says her executive producer, Tolga Katas. "She spends hours daily on the Internet like millions of other young people, chatting and cruising MySpace. She's always worried about running out of minutes on her cell phone. Music and technology is what she lives and breathes. It is fitting that she is the first artist to launch her own brand of VOIP software. It's like MySpace and Skype put together."

KanTalk! was created using a brandable VOIP software called WhitePhone from Voice Commerce Group, a company which has officially sponsored Kandice. Nick Ogden, President of the Voice Commerce Group based in the U.K., said, "We're very excited about the launch of the KanTalk! VoicePod. Kandice is a very talented artiste and it's most fitting that a star of the future should be using technology of the future. WhitePhone is designed to build and strengthen on-line communities and has natural applications throughout the whole media industry. KanTalk! demonstrates this by providing fans with a rich interactive experience, far more than has been possible until now - with video messaging, free PC-to-PC conversation, and an interactive announcements service, which will allow fans to share information and memorabilia."

Paul Fishkin, co-founder of the highly successful Time-Warner labels: Bearsville Records and Modern Records, and who helped guide the successes of legendary acts such as Stevie Nicks, Twisted Sister, Foghat and Natalie Cole, predicts that the KanTalk! VoicePod concept will be a hot new technology all music acts, signed or unsigned, will soon be adopting to advance their brands. Currently, he manages Hush whose debut album, Bulletproof, was just released through Geffen. Fishkin introduced Hush, a technology-savvy artist, to the KanTalk! strategy and now Hush's own VoicePod is in development. Hush's VoicePod will also host his Vlog and music videos for the video iPod.

The KanTalk! release party will take place December 19th at 10:30 p.m. at the world famous Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood. In attendance will be John Draper, a software developer for Voice Commerce. Draper, a.k.a. Captain Crunch, was first made famous for outsmarting long-distance charge with his phone phreaking activities in the 70's. Draper is programming the Mac version of KanTalk! and is a Kandice music fan.

Uniquely, KanTalk! even comes with its own live operator, sometimes. Her name, of course, is Kandice. "But if you sign up for KanTalk! and the operator doesn't answer the phone every time, don't worry," laughs Tolga Katas. "She probably just hasn't come home from school yet."

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