KIRK 2010 WiFi DECT VoIP phone

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KIRK 2010 WiFi DECT VoIP phone

polycom-kirk-2010.jpg The KIRK 2010 WiFi DECT VoIP handset launched today. This is the latest edition to the Polycom KIRK Series. I wonder if Captain Kirk is aware that Polycom is trying to copy his copyrighted 'communicator'?

Then again, Kirk's communicator didn't have a numeric keypad. Just turn the dial and instantly talk to the Star Trek Enterprise's bridge (hundreds of miles away) with seemingly no latency either. You can compare the look of it here:
Or this closely resembling USB-based Star Trek communicator:


They definitely kept it simple, by going with a black & white screen, but they no doubt kept the costs down. The pricing for its brethren is certainly pretty expensive, i.e.:

The list price for the Polycom KWS 300 is U.S. $360. The KWS 6000 list price is U.S. $1,200 and includes a server and one base station, which supports up to 30 users. With the scalable nature of the KWS6000 it can also be set up for more users. The KIRK 5040 handset sells at a list price of U.S. $310.

I couldn't find pricing info online for the KIRK 2010, but certainly businesses are looking for affordable WiFi & DECT VoIP phones.

I accidentally assumed this was a Wi-Fi phone. It is not. It's a DECT phone. I'm going to assume the base station has an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection that does the SIP registration. Since last I checked, wireless DECT doesn't connect to Ethernet!

Features and Benefits of the KIRK 2010
  • Black & white LCD screen (3 lines of text/icons)
  • Internal/external ring pattern, volume control and silent modes
  • Telephone book with room for 40 numbers
  • Speech/stand by time > 12/150 hours
  • Weight incl. battery: 120g
  • Size (LxWxH): 124x47x31mm

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