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Lignup Architecture

Interesting company someone just told me about via email. He mentioned that he doesn't think they are "officially" announced yet, but their architecture diagram looks quite interesting. They certainly seem standards-based, i.e. SIP, XML, VXML, etc.

They partner with SkyWave and according to their website, LignUp Communications Infrastructure is software-only, standards-based (SIP, RTP, HTTP, XML, SQL, VXML), and web services oriented, enabling cost-effective development and deployment of multiple voice and voice-enabled business applications on a common communications platform.

The platform enables call control via LignUp Call Director and media control via LignUp Media Server, a 100% software media server.
LignUp Call Director is a configurable, general purpose B2BUA (Back-to-Back SIP User Agent) that provides call initiation, management, and termination services via LignUp Call Control XML (CCTRL).

LignUp Media Server, a software only, high volume media processor, manages RTP streams and provides audio recording, playback & conferencing, DTMF digit detection & generation, integration with speech recognition & text-to-speech engines and fax origination & termination services via LignUp Media Control XML (MCTRL).

Go check out LignUp Communications here:
LignUp : Solutions

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