LiveJournal meets VoIP via Gizmo Project

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LiveJournal meets VoIP via Gizmo Project

Andy had the goods yesterday on Sixapart's Live Journal and Gizmo Project in a deal that would enable one of the largest blogging community to be able to IM & VoIP each other. Well, today, it's official.

The co-branded “Gizmo Project for LJ Talk” software will enable LiveJournal friends to call each other for free, send instant messages and see each other's online presence (available, away or offline). Some nice features include free “Call me” and “IM” buttons on journal pages to initiate calls and instant messages from the web, as well as point and click “voice posts", which allows Gizmo Project for LJ Talk users to post audio recordings (podcasts) on their blog. The partnership also stated that Gizmo Project for LJ Talk users will be able to make low-cost PSTN calls in addition to buddy-to-buddy PC calling. Gizmo leverages the SIP standard for outbound dialing.

Six Apart today simultaneously announced it has created an open source Jabber server, a modular, scalable, server that enables others to integrate their services with Jabber and LJ Talk, LiveJournal's new instant messaging and voice service. The new server provides smoothly integrated IM and voice capabilities, and is now available for any company or service provider to use for free.

Google Talk, which is Jabber-based is able to connect to Six Apart's Jabber server. Similarly, Gaim, Adium, iChat, Trillian Pro, and Pandion S, all Jabber-based should be able to connect as well.

Are Skype's proprietary days numbered? They don't use SIP, they don't use Jabber, their video is proprietary, and they don't allow other client's to connect.

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