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magicJack Plus Update

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Here are some updates for the magicJack Plus, which I recently reviewed.

The magicJack Plus will be officially available this week on and will be available in major retailers before the holidays.

Other important updates:
  • Number porting capability will be included.
  • The magicJack Plus will be sold for $69.95 but all current users of the original magicJack will be able to upgrade for only 50% of that cost for 60 days. This will include the device and first year of service.
  • Renewal will remain at the $29.95 annual rate. This is an increase from what it has been in the past.  It was always 19.95 before, now it will be $29.95. This is the first price increase magicJack has ever had.
  • Also, a magicJack mobile app called magicJack APP for iPad, iPhone and iTouch (effectively turning the iTouch into a phone – a rather cheap one) is in the works which should be available by the end of the Fall.
Silly me, I should have mentioned one other important update. Michael Tribolet, magicJack Vocaltec's CEO is keynoting at ITEXPO. I already theorized, "I wonder if magicJack will be launching this product at TMC's ITEXPO? Or perhaps the iPhone magicJack app I've been testing?" We shall see!

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