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magicTalk vs. magicJack

Fellow TMCer, Rich Tehrani and I took magicTalk (makers of the popular magicJack) for a test drive yesterday. Rich told me about this new softphone app called magicTalk which is taking aim at Skype. Rich Tehrani asked me to install the app and be his guinea pig to test the sound quality. Interestingly, whenever I called Rich's magicTalk number, I kept getting a message "You have reached the WiMAX communications test number. This call was successful". Rich told me magicJack founders were trying to get into WiMAX/4G, so apparently, magicTalk, which is still in beta has some kinks to work out. Rich tried calling my magicTalk number and got the same message.

Greg Dupertuis an engineer from magicTalk just accidentally called my magicTalk number trying to reach Rich Tehani. I didn't know who was calling me, but took the call anyway. After introductions, we talked ab it about magicTalk. Apparently, you need * in front and rear of the magicTalk number. They did this to clearly indicate these are not real PSTN numbers. I spoke to Greg for a couple of minutes and the sound quality was 100% spot on. Excellent quality with no jitter or latency at all. Wow!

So instead, he called my DID number to my deskphone and we talked for about 5 minutes from his MagicTalk softphone app to my PSTN connection. Call quality was excellent, though there were periodic periods when I couldn't hear him. Though he was messing with his headset, so could have been that. Overall though, the sound quality was excellent. magicTalk will mirror magicJack's goal of low-cost PSTN termination, but without the need for the USB dongle required by magicJack- it's 100% software. In fact, in some ways magicTalk is better than magicJack since it offers FREE termination to U.S. numbers with no up-front costs. magicJack on the other hand requires a $39.99 upfront fee then you get free U.S. calling.

Here's a screenshot of the magicTalk app, which I believe is a SIP app with the SIP credentials hidden. Might have to crack open Wireshark and see if I can grab the credentials! If I can, then I can use ANY SIP device or app and make free U.S. calls. Now that would be sweet! smiley-smile:

Now if only magicTalk had an Android and iPhone app, then life would be A-OK! ok-sign

You can read Rich's full article with more details here.

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